Congratulations to Prof. Allen HUANG and Prof. Amy ZANG for the paper at Journal of Accounting and Economics
12 Oct 2022

HUANG, ALLEN, Lin, An-Ping and ZANG, AMY. (2022) "Cross-Industry Information Sharing among Colleagues and Analyst Research." Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 74, August 2022, 101496.


We identify a specific organizational resource in brokerage houses—information sharing among analyst colleagues who cover economically related industries along a supply chain. After controlling for brokerage selection effects, we show evidence consistent with the benefit of this resource to analyst research performance. Specifically, we find that analysts whose colleagues cover more economically connected industries have better research performance, especially when their colleagues produce higher-quality research. We further show that colleagues’ coverage of downstream (upstream) industries is positively related to the accuracy of only the analyst’s revenue (expense) forecasts and that analysts and their highly connected colleagues tend to issue earnings forecast revisions contemporaneously. Last, we find that analysts with economically connected colleagues tend to have a higher level of industry specialization. Overall, our findings suggest that analysts rely on organizational resources to produce high-quality research. Hence, a portion of their performance and reputation is not transferable across employers.

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