Congratulations to Prof. Taiyuan, CHEN and Prof. ZHIHONG CHEN and Yongbo for the paper at Journal of Accounting and Public Policy
09 Nov 2021

CHEN, TAIYUAN, CHEN, ZHIHONG and Li Yongbo, "Restriction on Managerial Outside Job Opportunities and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, August 2021, 106879.


We examine the effect of restricting executives’ outside job opportunities on corporate tax avoidance and tax risk, using a natural experiment of the staggered adoption and rejection of the inevitable disclosure doctrine (IDD). Based on a difference-in-differences analysis, we find strong evidence that the IDD decreases effective tax rates. We also find that the IDD reduces tax risk though the evidence is weaker. The effect is generally more pronounced when the risk of dismissal due to poor performance is higher. Additional analyses show that the IDD increases the use of tax haven operations. Finally, a path analysis shows that the increase in tax avoidance contributes about 6% to 7% of the total effect of the IDD on firm value. Overall, the results suggest that career concerns motivate executives to reduce their firms’ tax burden using low risk strategies.

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