PhD Students

Lynn Linghuan WANG (2016-17 Intake)
Bocconi University
Assistant Professor of Accounting

HKUST provides me collaborative learning environment and great exposure to the frontier of academia. The training during the Ph.D. program taught me to have independent thinking and judgement. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great scholars in the workshops and symposiums. Besides, my supervisor provides full support with her deep insight and knowledge, and encourage me to develop my own research agenda. Every single meeting and conversation with her have been pleasant and vital in inspiring me to sharpen my thinking and keep the fire in my belly. I also would like to extend my gratitude to all faculty and staff members for their helps at various stages of my studies.

Yifeng LIU (2015-16 Intake)
ESSEC Business School
Research Fellow


Master of Accounting, Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Arts in English, Beihang University

When I recall the journey at HKUST, there are countless joyful and happy moments. The education and research practice at HKUST is of the highest standard and it really equipped me with the vital skills in the real-world research. I give my sincere thanks to my supervisor, for the patient nurturing and guidance. I never realised that accounting research could impact the public workforce and commercial organizations so meaningfully and positively, until my PhD research started. When looking forward into the future, I could tell that graduation just marks the beginning of my new research life. And thanks again to HKUST Business School all faculty members and staff, I could walk along the path with firm and confident paces.


Kerry XIAO (2014-15 Intake)
The Financial Reporting Council

Policy Analyst

What I have gained from the Accounting PhD Program of the HKUST greatly advanced my career and my life. Through rigorous research training, the apprenticeship with my advisor, and the cooperation with other faculty and fellow classmate, I have learned how to think like a serious scholar, how to conduct high-quality academic research, and how to contribute to our collective knowledge. The closed working relationship formed here last for long terms, and the rich experiences assembled here become advantages for the graduates. It is definitely a great environment for those who are really curious about the world and love research, to develop their research ability and tastes, to explore their research interests, and to find their research partners.