We offer a one-year full-time Master's degree program - Master of Science in Accounting Program (MSAC) and PhD program in Accounting. 

Both programs promote the collaborations and connections with the professional community, e.g., CPA firms and other corporations. We aim to groom our students and educate them to become successful business professionals across different business functions, such as accounting, finance, treasury, taxation, auditing, business consulting, and corporate strategic planning. 

Students will be provided with specialized knowledge in accounting which will enable them to enter the HKICPA QP, as well as related fields of finance, information systems, international business and investment so that  they can make a significant contribution to the functioning and development of their employing organizations.

MSc in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting Program (MSAC) is a one-year full-time program that aims at providing postgraduate accounting education to students with bachelor degrees in business disciplines, and bridges them with a channel to enter accounting-related professions.

PhD in Accounting

Our PhD program is similar in structure and content to those at other top universities in the world. Students are required to undergo rigorous course training in the first two years to build up a solid foundation of knowledge on economic theories, statistics/econometrics, finance, as well as accounting. Upon passing the qualifying examination, they formally enter the dissertation stage. Throughout the program, faculty advisors work closely with students to provide advice and guidance on coursework and research development.