Undergraduate Courses Offered in Fall 2018/19

ACCT 1010 Accounting, Business and Society

CHAN, Dennis

ACCT 2010 Principles of Accounting I

TANG, Chao (L1-L3)

LI, Gerry(L4-L7)

LI, Xinlei (L8-L10)

CHEN, Szufan (L11-L13)

MAK, Kelvin (L14-L16)

ACCT 3010 Intermediate Accounting I ZANG, Amy
ACCT 3030 Intermediate Financial Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors CHAN,Dennis
ACCT 3610 Functions of Law in Society and Business  LAM, Charles
ACCT 3880 Professional Excellence Program            

LAI, David

MAK, Kelvin

ACCT 4010 Advanced Financial Accounting CHEN, Peter
ACCT 4510 Auditing LAI, David
ACCT 4710 Data Analytics and Applications in Accounting SHIEH, Tony