Undergraduate Courses Offered in Spring 2017/18


ACCT 1010 Accounting, Business and Society  CHAN, Dennis
ACCT 1610 Laws in Society and Business LAM, Charles
ACCT 2200 Principles of Accounting II

LI, Gerry (L1-L3)

STICE, Derrald (L4-L6)

BOURVEAU, Thomas (L7-L9)

HUANG, Allen (L10-L12)

ACCT 3020 Financial Accounting II ZHENG, Yue
ACCT 3210 Advanced Management Accounting             SHIEH, Tony
ACCT 3610 Business Law LAM, Charles
ACCT 4020 Financial Statement Analysis YOU, HaiFeng
ACCT 4410 Taxation MAK, Kelvin
ACCT 4610 Company Law LAI, David