Accounting Workshop Spring 2010

March 5 (Fri)


Li Zhang

London Business School

The Effect of Ex-Ante Management Forecast Accuracy on Post Earnings Announcement Drift

March 8 (Mon)

Min Cao

Carnegie Mellon University

Internal Funds, Moral Hazard, and Post-Financing Stock Underperformance

March 10 ( Wed)

Kevin Ke Li

U. of California (Berkeley)

Do Investors Understand Loss Persistence?

March 22 (Mon)

Weining Zhang

U. of Texas, Dallas

CEO Tenure and Earnings Quality

March 24 (Wed)

Mihir N. Mehta


Financial Reporting Quality and the Quiet Life

March 26 (Fri)

Jeff Ng

U. of Chicago

Tax and Non-Tax Incentives for Voluntary IFRS Adoption: Evidence from the UK

Apr 19-23

Wayne Thomas


3 May (Mon)

Mark DeFond

Accounting and Stock Market Implications of Firms with Superior Knowledge Management

26 May (Wed)

Kevin Chen

Does the Market Consider Firm-Initiated Compensation Recovery Provisions Useful?

4 June (Fri)

David Reeb

Temple University

Family Controlled Firms and Informed Trading: Evidence from Short Sales

9 June (Wed)

David Reeb

Temple University

The Economics of Director Heterogeneity

11 June (Fri)

Clive Lennox

Nanyang Technological University

The Limited Liability Partnership structure: An empirical analysis of the audit firm’s decision to change its organizational form

14 June (Mon)

Franco Wong

University of Toronto

Global Settlement and Star Analysts' Career Choices

9 July (Fri)

Gilles Hilary


Do Sales Executives Matter for Financial Reporting?

14 July (Wed)

Vicki Wei Tang

Georgetown University

Proprietary Costs of Mandatory Disclosure & the Decision to First Access the Public Bond Market

25 Aug (Wed)

Haifeng You

Mandatory IFRS Adoption in Europe and the Contractual Usefulness of Accounting Information in Executive Compensation

26 Aug (Thu)

Alexander Bleck

Where does the Information in Mark-to-Market Come From?