List of Recent Faculty Research Publications

HUANG, ALLEN, Alex Edmans and Vivian Fang, "The Long-Term Consequence of Short-Term Incentives." Journal of Accounting Research, Forthcoming.

HSU, CHARLES, Rencheng Wang and Benjamin Whipple, "Non-GAAP Earnings and Stock Price Crash Risk."  Journal of Accounting and Economics, Forthcoming.

HSU, CHARLES, Hsihui Chang and Zhiming Ma, "Does Product Similarity of Audit Clients Influence Audit Efficiency and Pricing Decisions?" Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, Forthcoming.

HSU, Charles, Xi Li, Zhiming Ma and Gordon Phillips, "Does Industry Competition Influence Analyst-level Coverage Decisions and Career Outcomes?" Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming.  

CHEN, TAIYUAN, HUNG, MING YI and Yi-Chun Chen, "Uneven Regulatory Playing Field and Bank Transparency Abroad." Journal of International Business Studies, Forthcoming.

CHEN, TAIYUAN, CHEN, KEVIN, Hongqi Yuan and Weifang Han, "Auditors under Fire: The Association between Audit Errors and the Career Setbacks of Individual Auditors." Journal of Accounting Research, Forthcoming.

CHEN, TAIYUAN, CHEN, ZHIHONG and Yongbo Li, “Restriction on Managerial Outside Job Opportunities and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Forthcoming.

MORRIS, ARTHUR, Hans Christensen, Daniele Macciocchi and Valeri Nikolaev, "Financial Shocks to Lenders and the Composition of Financial Covenants." Journal of Accounting and Economics, Forthcoming.

HSU, CHARLES, Jin, Qinglu, Ma, Zhiming and Zhou, Jing, (2021) "Does Voluntary Balance Sheet Disclosure Mitigate Post-earnings-announcement drift?" Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 2021, 40 (2), 106821

HSU, CHARLES, Wang, Rencheng, (2021) "Bundled Earnings Guidance and Analysts' Forecast Revisions." Contemporary Accounting Research, 2021, 38(4), 3146-3181.

HSU, CHARLES, (2021) "The Role of Social Media in Corporate Governance." with James Ang, Di Tang and Chaopeng Wu. The Accounting Review, 2021, 96 (2), 1-32

HUANG, ALLEN, ZANG, AMY, (2021) "The Unintended Benefit of the Risk Factor Mandate of 2005". with Jianghua Shen. Review of Accounting Studies, April 2021

WANG, SHIHENG, (2021) "Corporate R&D and Stock Returns: International Evidence." with Kewei Hou, Po-Hsuan Hsu, Akiko Watanabe and Yan Xu. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, April 2021, p. 1-72

ZHENG, YUE. (2021) "Can Managers be Wrong and Still be Right? An Examination of the Future Realization of Currment Management Forecast Errors." with Michael Kimbrough and Hanna Lee. The Accounting Review V. 96 (1), January 2021, p. 349-376

HUNG, MINGYI, (2020) "The Effect of Fair Value Accounting on the Performance Evaluation Role of Earnings." with Mark DeFond, Jinshuai Hu, and Siqi Li. Journal of Accounting and Economics, V. 70, Issues 2-3, November-December 2020, 101341

PETROV, EVGENY, (2020) "Voluntary Disclosure and Informed Trading." Contemporary Accounting Research, V. 37 (4) December 2020 p. 2257-2286

YOU, HAIFENG, (2020) "Understanding the Determinants of Analyst Target Price Implied Returns." with Patricia Dechow. The Accounting Review V.95 (6), 20 June 2020, p. 125-149

CHEN ZHIHONG, Alfred Z. Liu, Gim S. Seow, and Hong Xie, (2020) “Does Mandatory Retrospective Hedge Effectiveness Assessment under ASC 815 Provide Risk-Relevant Information.” Accounting Horizons 34 (2020): 61-85

CHEN, ZHIHONG, Ningzhong Li, and Jianghua Shen, (2020) “Litigation Risk and Debt Contracting: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Journal of Law and Economics 63 (2020), 595-630

CHEN, ZHIHONGChen, Huili, Dan Dhaliwal, Yuan Huang, (2020) “Accounting restatements and corporate cash policy.” Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance (2020), pp. 290-317

WANG, EMILY, (2020). "The Price of Being Foreign: Stock Market Penalties Associated with Accounting Irregularities for U.S.-listed Foreign Firms." with Weili Ge, Dawn Matsumoto and Jenny Li Zhang. Contemporary Accounting Research 37, 1073-1106

ZHENG, YUE, (2020). "Information Frictions and Productivity Dispersion: The Role of Accounting Information." with Rebecca Hann, Heedong Kim, and Wenfeng Wang. The Accounting Review, Forthcoming.

ZHENG, YUE, (2020). "An Empirical Analysis of Analysts’ Capital Expenditure Forecasts: Evidence from Corporate Investment Efficiency." with Jin Kyung Choi, Rebecca Hann, and Musa Subasi. Contemporary Accounting Research, Forthcoming.

HUANG, ALLEN, (2019). "Federal Judge Ideology: A New Measure of Ex-Ante Litigation Risk." with Kai Wai Hui and Reeyarn Li. Journal of Accounting Research 57, 431-489

LI, XINLEI, (2019). "The effect of information opacity and accounting irregularities on personal lending relationships: Evidence from lender and manager co-migration." with Khan, Urooj, Christopher D. Williams. The Accounting Review 94, 303-344

ZHENG, YUE, (2019). "Intra-Industry Information Transfers: Evidence from Changes in Implied Volatility around Earnings Announcements." with Rebecca Hann and Heedong Kim. Review of Accounting Studies 24, 927-971

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STICE, DERRALD, (2018). "The Effect of Bank Monitoring on Public Bond Terms" with Zhiming Ma and Chris Williams. Journal of Financial Economics 133, 379-396.

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HUNG, MINGYI, (2016). "The use of debt covenants worldwide: Institutional determinants and implications on financial reporting." with Hyun Hong and Jieying Zhang. Contemporary Accounting Research 33, 644-681